Highlights of April 10 2018 Executive Meeting

Held on Tuesday April 10 2018 at 10:00 AM

1.  Motion carried to revise the wording of Clause 3.04 of the By-laws relating to the Membership Fee Refund to include the following sentence.  "Approval of the refund will be at the Board's discretion".

2.  AED use has been added to the Risk Management Plan under the Cardiac Arrest section.  (RMP located on the "Organization" page of this website.)

3.  Mark will be meeting with Public Works to request court power washing.  Update:  City doesn't have it in their budget so club members will be asked to do this.  

4.  A decision to include the option of e-transfers for membership fees will be carried over to the 2019 season.  

5.  Gail Jeffery will talk to the membership at the General Meeting about club t-shirts.

6.  An e-bulletin page has been added to the blog.  The buy and sell posting option at the courts will be discontinued. 

7.  The Signup Genius for mentoring that was used last year will not be continued. Instead, volunteer mentors will be able to post their availability on a white board during drop in times.  

8.  Jeff Kruck, from Investors Group, has approached the club about putting on a fundraising  tournament. Mark Tamblyn will follow up on this.

9.  Don Jeffery is researching the possibility of having a web-cam installed at the courts.