Thanks to the PPC Mentors!

Many thanks to the following mentors who gave their time and expertise to the players who signed up for the May 6th Meet the Mentor Day.
      • Phil Soo 
      • Rick Felker
      • Janice Clary
      • Sue Hatfield
      • Janice Clary
      • Karen Heinrichs
      • Mike Carter
      • Terry Iceton
      • Kim Coleman
      • Gary Geirlich
      • Mark Tamblyn
      • Marilyn Tamblyn
and thank you to these players who turned up and worked hard:  Kirk, Gail, Robin, Don, Terri, Pat, Kay, Kathy, Michaela, Trudie, Graham, Carolyn, Gloria, Janet and Teresa. 

If you are interested in being mentored on a skill or strategy there is now a "mentorship" sign-up page (see the top of the webpage).