Highlights of the Executive Meeting of April 12, 2017

1.         A Motion was passed to accept the new court layout as presented.

2.       The LGMA (Local Government Management Association) annual conference & AGM held on May 17-18 have asked our Club to provide coaches/ instructors for their pickleball session. 

3.       There will be a Membership Sign Up at the General Meeting on April 26, 2017 starting at 6:15 pm.  Members are asked to bring $75.00 (cash or cheque) to sign up.

4.       Michael Wood presented the Board with a cheque for $2,063 from the proceeds of the Indoor for Outdoor Tournament held in March.  Tentative dates for the 2018 tournament are April 6, 7 and 8th.

5.        The PPC currently has 50 members.

6.      Court Host Coordinators for the 2017 season are Debbie Wagar and Theresa Maktaak.   Drop In Procedures:  The Board approved a new white board be placed on the fence during Drop In to indicate the presence of a Court Host and this season the paddle rack will be placed on the east fence only. 

7.        Michael Wood has agreed to create a “Go Fund Me” webpage for the Club.

8.        The 2017 Program Schedule will be discussed at the General Meeting on April 26.

9.     The Ratings Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 19h @ 1:00 PM at the Drop In Centre.

10.      A Motion was passed so the PPC can approach the staff at Princess Margaret and/or Skaha Middle School to set up a cooperative venture and that the PPC provide instructors and some court time (if available) at non-club times.  In turn the school would provide the outdoor tennis courts for pickleball tournaments as needed.