Highlights of May 10th Executive Meeting

1.  Court hosts are required for morning drop in.  The Executive will send an e-blast to members requesting that they start signing up as court hosts.   Without court hosts, the bin containing balls and equipment cannot be opened.

2.  The Executive indicated approval to raise money for four additional courts.

3.  The City will be approached about including a water dispenser and windscreens in their 2017 budget.

4.  The combination lock for the storage bin has been changed to limit access to the bin to Executive, coordinators, captains, and court hosts.

5.  The Executive is looking into the purchase of a leaf blower.

6.  A Social Committee was created. A chairperson and more members are needed.  Some ideas would be to plan a fun tournament; or to plan club mixers.  Members wishing to volunteer for this committee can get in touch with Mark Tamblyn.  Mattie Matheson has volunteered to be chairperson for this committee.  

7.  A satisfaction survey about present programs offered will be sent out to members in three week's time.