Sept. 21 General Meeting Minutes


Held at 12:30 PM Sept. 21, 2015
In Room 2 Penticton Recreation Centre

1.  Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 12:25 PM.  The Secretary reported that there was a quorum present (13 members).  Ten guests were also present.  (Attendance sheet on file.)

2.  President’s Report

Mark welcomed everyone and reminded those present that only members could vote on motions. Mark gave a brief rundown on the status of the outdoor courts.  He mentioned that the courts might be available to play on as early as next week.  It will be announced on the website.  Mark also mentioned that the Horseshoe Club and the Drop-in Centre have been very welcoming to the idea of the pickleball courts being located near to them.  The Horseshoe Club is looking for new members and the drop-in centre has indicated that we are free to use their washrooms.  Mark reminded members of two important dates:
                        i.         PPC club times will begin next Spring on May 1, 2016
                       ii.         Opening Ceremonies are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April                     30th.  More details will follow in early April.

3.  Secretary’s report – Marilyn moved that the Minutes of the May 27th, 2015 General Meeting be approved as distributed.   CARRIED.

4.     Treasurer’s report  - Kim moved that her report dated September 18, 2015 be approved as read.   CARRIED.   (On file).

5.     Committee reports

a)  Membership –Janice Clary announced that, as of that moment, there were 44 paid members and that we were on track to reach the 60-member target set by the Executive.  Jack gave a brief outline of the outdoor membership drive incentive he has set up for players signing up for selected indoor pickleball programs. 

b)  Fundraising –Mike Carter mentioned that his “Indoor for Outdoor” tournament should bring in $4500.00 to the Club.   Mark thanked Mike for his group’s contribution.

c)   Construction/Operations – Mark gave a report on Terry Iceton’s behalf.
Mark, Terry and Gord have been in discussion with the City about interior fencing and a meeting area.  At the present time, Len Robson, from the City, had asked them to hold off on any further planning until such time as the contractor has signed off on the four courts.  Ernie Treichel asked if we could consider higher interior fences.  At the present time the plan was for 4’ fences.  Mark indicated that the Executive would look into the cost of making the interior fences higher.  Mark mentioned that the Horseshoe Club had indicated we could use their shed for storage until such time as a Club storage place could be located on site. Update:  Horseshoe club has rescinded their storage offer due to concerns over potential equipment loss.  

d)  Programming –Mark Tamblyn outlined the process for seeking member input into programming.  Step 1 was the survey; Step 2 was today’s meeting; and Step 3 will be a meeting on April 11th where members could give their final input before the schedule was finalized.  He also indicated that there would be a Programming Committee meeting directly after the General Meeting today.

6.  Old Business
a)  Website – Marilyn Tamblyn asked how many of the group had been on the website.  All but one person indicated they had.

7.  New Business - There was no new business

8.  Other - There was no other business

9.  Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.     Next meeting next April.  Time and date TBA.