Pickleball Canada Ambassadors

Who is the PCO?
It is a group of volunteers whose mission is to assist and promote the growth of Pickleball as a game for all ages and to establish rules, policies and standards for the good governance of the game in Canada.

Who is the Area Ambassador for Penticton:
Roberta Meakin.

What do the Area Ambassadors do?
They are the spokespersons and representatives for Pickleball Canada regarding all activities related to pickleball within the area they represent.  Other duties include:

·       Keeping the Places-to-Play section of the PCO website current for their area.
·       Promoting new memberships for PCO.
·       Supporting the goals of PCO to include the promotion and growth of pickleball.
·       Advising players of rule changes, developments within the sport, etc.

Other duties can include facilitating the development of instructional clinics, assisting with tournaments, and fostering the organization of pickleball clubs.

What are the benefits of joining PCO? 
Pickleball Canada Memberships include many benefits and privileges:
  • Each member receives a membership number and a membership card.
  • Monthly e-newsletters to all Pickleball Canada members.
  • Updated rules, policies and information on the National website and newsletters.
  • Promoting clubs and groups, places to play, Ambassadors etc.
  • Tournament advertising and information on our websites/newsletters.
  • Member discounts in many Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments.
  • Member voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Liability insurance for Pickleball Canada members in sanctioned tournaments.
  • Tournament Points in Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments.
  • Official Player Ratings accepted in Canada and the USA.
More information on Pickleball Canada can be obtained from their website.