Highlights of Oct. 16th Executive Meeting

The Opening Ceremonies have been tentatively scheduled for April 30th, 2016. Confirmation of this date from City Council will be needed before finalization.  

Executive approval has been given for the following:
a)  The inside fence construction.  $2,000.00 of this price has been donated by a private individual.   The remainder will be funded through the Indoor-Outdoor tournament profits.  A letter has been sent to the Public Works Department requesting a meeting to finalize pricing. It was decided to go with 4' fencing to match the existing interior fencing.  Gates will be a future purchase.  Update:  Nov. 6/15.  The lowest bid was $3,326.61.  A cheque was given to the City of Penticton for that amount.  
b)  Two classes of membership will be established: General and Honourary Life.  
c)  Two sponsor passes will be issued to each sponsor for cash donations of $500.00 or more.
d)  A contingency bank account will be opened for donations received for the funding of four more courts.  Done.

Mark will be meeting next week with the Penticton Recreation Centre to review the usage agreement.   The PPC and the Rec Commission has agreed with the conditions of the agreement and the contract will be prepared.