Highlights from August 4th Executive Meeting

Some of the items discussed at the August 4th Executive meeting were:

1.  Update on courts:   all tenders are now in and construction is expected to start shortly on the courts.   We were slightly over budget so some cuts were made:  2 exterior gates instead of 4 and the elimination of cross court interior fencing were two of the noticeable cuts.  

2.   Membership form:  The Executive approved a $50.00 annual fee for 2015/2016.  This means that when you get on the courts this year (hopefully in mid September) your membership fee will be good until the end of season (usually October 15th) plus for the whole of the following season.  Membership forms will be sent out shortly and will also be available on this website. Waiver's must be signed.  A $5.00 drop in fee was also approved.

3.  Special Committees were struck to investigate the following:
     a)  Pickleball Court Etiquette
     b)  Programming

4.  Our start-up budgeting needs are about $3,000.00.  $500.00 of that is for liability insurance.  A supply of balls is also included as well as other court equipment such as squeegies. 

5. Club by-laws have been adopted.  We will be operating as a Club (not as an incorporated Society).