May 27th, 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Held in Room 3 at the Penticton Recreation Centre
On May 27, 2015 at 12:15 PM

1.   Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM by Chairman Mark Tamblyn.  There were 18 people in attendance.

2.   MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn that the Minutes of the General Meeting of May 1st, 2015 be adopted as distributed. CARRIED.

3.   Treasurer’s report:
a)   Kim Coleman reported that she was opening a bank account for the Penticton Pickleball Club.  Signing authorities were selected.
b)   Seed money was collected from ten of the members who were present.  Receipts were issued.

4.   President’s report:
a)   Mark Tamblyn gave an update on the 4 courts that the City is funding. The potential opening date is September 1st.   Mark suggested that the courts be named after the original donors of the property. (There is a plaque on the property next to the courts that indicates the area is the Robinson Garden).  See picture.

It was MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn and SECONDED by Mark Fynn, that the Penticton Pickleball Club approach the City of Penticton to request that the Pickleball courts be known as the "Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre".  CARRIED. 

b)   Mark indicated that he would like some direction from the members as to where they would like their focus to be for an additional four courts.    Discussion preceding the motion indicated that the members present wished to fully support a central pickleball facility at Robinson Garden.   

It was MOVED and SECONDED that all funds raised be channeled into developing the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre.  CARRIED. 

c)    Mark Tamblyn informed the membership that he had met with the City to discuss the possibility of using the Skaha Rink as a temporary home for outdoor pickleball.  The City had expressed its reluctance to paint pickleball lines on this site so it had been abandoned as a suitable temporary site.  The membership indicated that the use of the three pickleball courts painted on tennis courts at McLaren, Columbia and Skaha would be sufficient until the permanent pickleball courts were built at the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre. 

5.   Committee reports:
a)  Membership - Janice Clary, Chairperson.
                  i.  Janice asked the membership for direction in establishing member fees. 
                ii.   The Chairman indicated that the Executive would assist the Membership Committee in setting a membership fee.

b)  Fundraising -- Kim Coleman Chairperson

                  i.  Kim mentioned that she had a list of various ideas to raise money for the Club.     She invited members to join her committee if they have not already done so. 

                 ii. Mark Tamblyn polled the members to come up with a goal for fundraising for four more courts.  It was MOVED and SECONDED that we table discussion on fundraising for four more courts until a definite cost for the initial four courts is known. 
a)  Construction - Mark Fynn, Chairperson.
                     i.  Mark reminded the members that before a fundraising goal could be established that it was imperative to conduct an inventory of items that may be needed to support the initial four courts at the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre.  
                   ii.  Mark indicated that his committee would meet to come up with purchase goals. 
                 iii.   Mark noted that once these initial goals are met then consideration could be given to fundraising for four additional courts.
6.   Old Business:
a)   Legal advice on "Club" or "Association"
            Mark Fynn suggested that a discussion on this should take place in the fall before the courts are open.  He felt that Director's Insurance should be purchased once we start to sign up members. 

7.  New Business:
a)   Website - Marilyn Tamblyn used the projector to introduce the Penticton Pickleball blog.  A club logo was also submitted. The members present indicated their approval of the logo.  Marilyn will get it fine-tuned by a graphic artist and then submit it to the Executive for approval.

b)   Fundraising Tournament.  Mike Wood indicated that he would be organizing a Penticton indoor tournament for October 3 and 4th.  The profit will be donated to the Penticton Pickleball Club.

8.  Other
a)   Marketing.  Kim Coleman introduced some possible advertising opportunities through the Visitors Centre. There would be a cost to this service.  Members thought this might be worth pursuing once we have more operating funds.

9.  Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.  The next general meeting will be scheduled by the Executive on an as-needed basis.  Members are invited to forward any ideas or questions to the Executive.  Frequent updates of new information will be posted on the Club website.