Minutes of May 1 2015 General Meeting

Held in Room 2 at the Penticton Recreation Centre
On May 1, 2015 at 12:15 PM
Note:  an unedited version of these minutes is on file for member viewing.

1.   Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM by Chairman Mark Tamblyn.  There were 18 people in attendance.

2.   MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn, that the Minutes of the General Meeting of April 17th, 2015 be adopted as revised and distributed. CARRIED.

3.   Treasurer’s report – Kim Coleman reported that she had nothing to report at this time.

4.   Update on Change of Officers.   Mark Tamblyn introduced the Executive to the members, noting that Kim Coleman had accepted the post of club Treasurer and that Marilyn Tamblyn had moved from Treasurer to Secretary to fill in the post vacated by Mark Fynn.

5.   Update on Appointment of Committee chairs.  Mark Tamblyn informed the members that there was now three active committees:

i.              Membership chaired by Janice Clary
ii.             Fundraising chaired by Kim Coleman
iii.            Construction chaired by Mark Fynn

New members were invited to give their name to the Committee chairs at the end of the meeting

6.   Old Business:
a.   Site selection:  Mark Tamblyn gave an overview of the different sites that had been proposed by the City as possibilities for the location of pickleball courts, and also the reasons why certain sites were considered unacceptable.  

b.   Mark Fynn introduced three Executive motions relating to site selection investigation for member approval.   

After discussion, it was MOVED by Gord McKay and SECONDED by Dave Langan that the three goal motions be approved. CARRIED.

c.    A further motion was introduced to include another site in the list of sites that the club should investigate.

7.   New Business

a.   Court Usage:  Mark Tamblyn and Marilyn Tamblyn introduced a comparison of the two court usage options that the City had provided for us to consider.  
i)    City built owned and operated
ii)  License to Use the Property

After discussion, it was MOVED by Kim Coleman and SECONDED by Dave Langan that the Penticton Pickleball Association accept Option 1 (City built owned and operated) as the preferred option to submit to the City.  CARRIED. 

Note:  Janice Clary mentioned that we should decide at a later date whether option 1 or 2 is the best option for the short term site depending on who will be responsible for operation of those courts.

A paper comparing the two options is on file.

Kim Coleman gave an update of her meeting with Lana Nunweiler and Bryan Jackson from the Kelowna Pickleball Club.  She noted that Kelowna operated their courts under the same conditions as cited in Option 1.   Kim then shared ideas on how Kelowna handles membership, insurance, club organization and fundraising.                            

§  Membership:  Of the $40.00 that Kelowna members pay $5.00 goes to Pickleball Canada, $10.00 is paid to the City and $25.00 goes to the Club.  Kim suggested that we keep a log of member use so that we can support future requests for funds to build pickleball courts.  Jack Byron was asked to collect information on past use of members on the indoor courts at the Recreation Centre and then to forward this information to Mark Tamblyn for presentation to the City. Jack indicated that at the present time we have roughly 200 active players.

§  Insurance:  Kelowna purchased Lloyds All Sports Insurance for $235.00 for the season (May 1 to Oct. 15th).  This has a $500.00 deductible and is good for 12 courts.

§  Club organization -- Kim mentioned that Lana and Bryan both suggested that the club be operated like a business instead of an association or a society.  At that point, there was a motion of name change as follows:

MOVED by Terry Iceton and SECONDED by Rick Felker that the Penticton Pickleball Association change its name to the Penticton Pickleball Club.   CARRIED. 

§  Fundraising -- the largest expense will be balls once the courts are in place.  The best source for fundraising is Club members.   

b.   Site for use in 2015 : 
                                 i.         Gord McKay gave an update on where we are in the process of investigating the upgrading of the temporary site for pickleball use in 2015.   
8.   Committee Reports
a.   Membership - Chairperson Janice Clary polled members present to see if they were prepared to donate "seed money" of $10.00 for initial expenses.  Members present indicated they were. Janice and Kim will work together to set up a process of member registration and collection of the $10.00. 

b.   Fundraising - no report.

c.    Construction - Chairperson Mark Fynn indicated that as soon as he has information on the construction process he will send out cluster e-mail to members

9.   Other
a.   A source for free legal advice will be followed up on.

b.   Tennis and pickleball conflicts on present courts -- Jack has requested that the Public Works department of the City erect signs on Skaha, McLaren, and Columbia courts to indicate that both tennis and pickleball activities are allowed.

10.  Meeting adjourned 1:40 PM.  Next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 27th at 12:15 PM at the Recreation Centre.   

The Breakout committee groups planned for this time were cancelled.